National Institute of Plant Genome Research
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    Dr. Amar Pal Singh
    Staff Scientist V    
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 Current Group Members

Anshika Pandey
Ph.D. student
I am interested to understand the regulation of ammonium stress in Arabidopsis

Loitongbam Lorinda Devi
Ph.D. Student
Exploring the function of brassinosteroids on root growth and nitrogen homeostasis during its deficiency in Arabidopsis

Shreya Gupta
Ph.D. Student
Deciphering the root developmental adaptation strategies under salinity and low nitrogen conditions in plants

Nidhi Gandhi
Ph.D. Student
Investigating the function of MicroRNAs regulated nutrient homeostasis in Arabidopsis

Kartika Singh
Ph.D. Student
Deciphering the nitrogen forms sensing and signaling mechanism during postembryonic growth in plants

Subham Agarwal
Ph.D. Student
Identification of gene regulatory networks during combinatorial nutrient deficiencies in rice

Dr. Ritesh Kumar Yadav
Research Associate
Understanding the early nitrogen sensing and signaling response in tomato

 Former Group Members

Priyanka Kumari
   Project Fellow

Anandani Mahapatra
   Project JRF

Paulomi Goswami
   Project JRF

Dr. Surabh Pandey