Collaborative North-East scheme projects
  • Development of integrated multi-omics analysis platform, and its application to elucidate the differential process of skill colouration in the Muga silkworm Antheria assamenis Heifer

  • Five fresh collaborative projects with the institutes/ universities of North Eastern region of India have been taken up under the call of Department of Biotechnology (DBT)

  • Understanding mechanistic detail of growth promotion and stress tolerance in legume crop by fungal endophyte through secretome and metabolomics study.

  • Identification of genes contributing resistance to Alternaria brassicae from a nonhost plant and their characterization in Arabidopsis for durable crop protection against blight disease in Brassica rapa [CLOSED]

  • Towards identification, isolation and characterization of Exobasidium vexans strains and their pathogenic determinants/ effectors, form Blister blight infested tea plantations in Assam and development of a future road-map for effective management practices [CLOSED]

  • Functional Validation of yield related gene [CLOSED]

  • Using foldscope to investigate reactive oxygen and nitric oxide signaling during plant pathogen interation. [CLOSED]

Students/Researchers from North-East
  • Ms. Ashika Debbarma
    Ph.D. Student , NIPGR (Tripura)

  • Mr. Samar Deb
    Ph.D. Student , NIPGR (Tripura)

  • Ms. Venus Borgohain
    Ph.D. Student , NIPGR (Assam)

  • Mr. Virevol Thakro
    Ph.D. Student , NIPGR (Nagaland)

  • Dr. Rahul Kumar
    SCIR STA, Ph.D, Tezpur University, Assam

  • Ms. Joyati Das
    Ph.D. Student, Assam

  • Dr. Bendangchuchang Longchar
    SERB-NPDF, Nagaland [Tenure over]

Prof. Veena Tandon
Molecular Biosystematics - A Unifying Approach from classical to modern

Dr. Dinesh Biswal
In-Silico analysis for DNA Barcoding of water Lilies

Insitute is maintaining a wall Magazine where creation / compositions in the form of articles, poems, essays etc. by the students & staff are displayed.The wall magzine also hosts the articles & other compositions reflecting the life style, nature diversity etc. of the North East Region.
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