National Institute of Plant Genome Research
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Scientist in-charge: Dr. Amar Pal Singh/ Dr. Pawan Kumar Jewaria/ Dr. Senjuti Sinharoy
Confocal microscopy is widely used to image living and fixed samples. The facility at NIPGR is equipped with computer driven Leica TCS-SP2 Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope. The system has UV laser, Ar-laser, He-Ne-laser that are used to capture images of various fluorescent dyes for example GFP, YFP, CFP, Alexa, RITC, TRITC etc. having broad spectrum of applications.
The system is used for confocal recording (laser scanning images) of fluorescence labelled living and fixed plant and animal samples. The service of the facility is available to internal and external users.
  • Laser Scanning Microscope: AOBS TCS-SP2 (LEICA GERMANY)
  • Inverted Microscope: DMIRE2 (LEICA GERMANY)
  • Upright Microscope: DM LFSA (LEICA GERMANY)
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