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National Institute of Plant Genome Research
Free E-Journals
1. Plant Biotechnology  (Japanese Society for Plant Cell and Molecular Biology)
2. International Journal of Plant Genomics:  The International Journal of Plant Genomics is an international, peer-reviewed open access journal that publishes novel and advanced original research results of wide interest in all fields of plant genomics, genome technologies and applications of genomic tools in plant breeding.
3. BioMed Central (BMC)
4. Techniques in Plant Biotechnology
5. HighWire Press - Free Online Full-text Articles
6. Current Science
7. Indian Academy of Sciences Journals
Free E-Books
1. The arabidopsis book  is a compilation of over 100 invited chapters, each reviewing in detail an important and interesting aspect of the plant Arabidopsis thaliana, with reference to what is known in other plants and in other kingdoms. This book is available only via the Internet free of charge by The American Society of Plant Biologists.
2. Biology books Online
Free E-Books on miscellaneous topics
1. How to Be a Motivational Manager by Alan Fairweather: This book is a down-to-earth guide for managers and team leaders. It reveals how to motivate your team, get results and do it in the easiest, least stressful way possible. The author works with people and organizations in consulting, speaking and running training programs.
2. Pocket Linux Guide  by David Horton
3. The Little Online Book of Weight Loss and Weight Management - Free Self Help Guide
4. The Little Online Book of Stress Management
5. The Little Online Book of Quitting Smoking
6. The Little Online Book of Golf Tips
Online Resources
1. National Portal of India
2. Biotechnology News
3. Everyman's Science
4. Online newspapers from around the world
5. Employment News
6. Referencer
7. India Environment Portal (CSE, New Delhi)
8. Directory, links, and general information about the central government
10. Google Scholar enables us to search for scholarly literature, including peer- reviewed papers, theses, books, preprints, abstracts and technical reports from all broad areas of research. Use Google Scholar to find articles from wide variety of academic publishers, professional societies, preprint repositories and universities, as well as scholarly articles available across the web.
11. INFLIBNET-Information Library Network: A Gateway to India's Academic  and Research Community
12. Intellectual Property Digital Library / WIPO provides access to intellectual property data collections hosted by the World Intellectual Property Organization. These collections include PCT (Patents), Madrid (Trademarks) Hague (Industrial Designs) and others.
13. Online Dictionary
14. US Patents: Information about the US patenting process, rules and regulations, FAQ, and online applications.
15. Patent Searching and Inventing Resources : Complete patent searching database and patent data analytic services.
16. Google Patent Search: Search over 7 million patents.
17. Mendeley : (To help manage your document library)- a free research reference and PDF management tool
18. Wikipedia the free content encyclopedia.
19. Infolibrarian
21. ScienceHUβ : ScienceHUβ is a global science and technology publisher and provides free access to research articles and latest research information without any barrier to scientific community
22. Research Gate
23. Swayam (Free online Education)
24. NAD-National Academic Depository (24x7 online store house of academic awards)
25. Swayam Prabha - Free DTH channel for education
26. ePG Pathshala - A Gateway to all Post Graduate Courses
27. Vidwan Database (Expert Database and National Researcher Network)
Open access archives
1. EPrints.orgdedicated to open access to the refereed research literature online through author / institution self-archiving.
2. FindArticles: Provide articles from thousands of magazines, journals, news sources and other publications, featuring current issues and archives dating back to 1984.
3. Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations is an international organization dedicated to promoting the adoption, creation, use, dissemination and preservation of electronic analogues to the traditional paper-based theses and dissertations.
4. Open Archives Initiative: The Open Archive Initiative develops and promotes interoperability standards that aim to facilitate the efficient dissemination of content.
5. Public Library of Science a world leading provider of freely accessible peer-reviewed online research information.
6. PubMed Central (PMC) is the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) free digital archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature.
7. SciCentral Gateway to the best scientific research news sources.
8. Science and Development Network  News, views and information about science, technology and the developing world.
9. African Journals Online: Provides free online access to most of the journals published from Africa. Full text of articles will be sent to only those members, who are from non profit making organizations working in selected developing countries, including India.
10. Bioline International is a non profit electronic publishing service committed to providing open access to quality research journals published in developing countries including India.
11. NewJour: It is an archive of new journals and newsletters available on the Internet.
12. NAL Library: Electronic Journals Lists good number of free of cost e-journals in the area of Science and Technology.
13. Internet Library of Early Journals: It is a digital library providing access to 18th and 19th century journals.
14. Directory of Open Access Journals
15. Electronic Thesis Online, Draft Regulations, UGC

Free Online E-textbooks

Life Sciences
  1. Biochemistry - Online Textbook
  2. Genetics - DNA and Heredity
  3. Genetics - Intermediate Level College Textbook
  4. Molecular Biology - Online Textbook

Natural Sciences
  1. Chemistry - Analytical
  2. Chemistry - NMR Basics
  3. Computing - Java Programming Online Textbook
  4. Math - Mathematics Basic Concepts

General Reading
  1. Aeronautics - Basics of Space Flight
  2. Art - Art, Design, and Visual Thinking Online Textbook
  3. Computing - Thinking in Java Textbook
  4. English - Elements of Style by Strunk
  5. Evolution - Teaching About Evolution and the Nature of Science
  6. Evolution - Variation and Evolution in Plants and Microorganisms
  7. Geology - Earth Science
  8. Teaching - Educational Assessment, Its Science and Design
  9. Teaching - How People Learn
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