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Online bioinformatics resources developed at DISC, NIPGR
RESOURCE1: Name: PLecDom
Application: PLecDom is a program for the identification, analysis and prediction of substrate specificity of Plant Lectin domains. It includes a collection of profile Hidden Markov Models for lectins and perdictions pertaining to all the currently completed and ongoing plant genome projects can be browsed in addition to user specific inputs having any number of fasta sequences.

Target Users: Available freely to the Scientific Community and specifically beneficial to researchers working in plant stress responses, and lectin related areas.

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Application: This interactive database houses information on plant volatiles and composition of emissions under specific stress signals, compiled from extensive literature surveys.

Target Users: The database targets researchers devoted to pure and applied studies on plant volatile compound emissions.

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RESOURCE 3: Name: RManager
Application: The program is essentially a database of available reference articles within an organization, all housed in a single server, enabling better usage of disk space and allowing users within a lab to share literature data with each other and to upload and store files conveniently in one designated area.

Target Users: Researchers in a given lab or an institution, accessible only within a local network.

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Application: The program enables an automated computational analysis leading to prediction of the correct order of ORFs in a bacterial biosynthetic gene cluster. This program can be used standalone, or in combination with the Polyketide substrate substrate specificity prediction server.

Target Users: Available freely to the scientific community, and specifically useful to researchers working in the area of rational design of novel natural products.

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